Pastinha-Uma Vida Pela Capoeira

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An illustrious new documentary from Brazil, this film presents a rare opportunity for Capoeiristas to learn the fundamentals and history behind Capoeira Angola from none other than its greatest forefather, the legendary Mestre Pastinha, considered the "Guardian of Capoeira Angola." The film features 62 minutes of historical footage and audio of Mestre Pastinha reciting his famous aphorisms alongside interviews with Jorge Amado, Mestre Neco, Mestre João Grande, Mestre João Pequeno, and Mestre Curió, as well as Brazilian anthropologists, students of Mestre Bimba, and artistic personalities native to Salvador. Most valuable to Capoeiristas is perhaps the depiction of the history of Capoeira Angola illustrated with artwork by Mestre Pastinha himself, and professionally captured footage of school rodas from Mestre Neco in Rio de Janeiro, Mestre João Grande in New York, and Mestres João Pequeno and Curió in Salvador. Released in 2006; in Portuguese.