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About VirtualCapoeira.com

Every Capoeirista who has searched the web for Capoeira instruments, clothing, and media knows how tough it can be to find high quality gear that is guaranteed to sound good, fit right, and be handled and shipped professionally.

VirtualCapoeira.com was created with a simple idea, to provide a place for the worldwide Capoeira community to unite and share in each other's passion for Capoeira while more easily obtaining the goods and services they need quickly and reliably.

At VirtualCapoeira.com we are committed to providing Capoeiristas with the highest quality products, most complete selection, and most consistent, professional service available on the web. We carry the widest selection of goods you need to play the game and set the industry standard as the only commercial internet site offering Capoeira goods and gear available for retail, wholesale, or affiliate purchase worldwide. Our service is built on a staff of Capoeiristas who love to play the game and use VirtualCapoeira products.

Our Mission

Our mission, simply put, is to promote Capoeira throughout the world and give everyone who wants to a chance to play the game regardless of age or location. We accomplish this in three major ways: First, we supply the highest quality gear and media that help Capoeiristas do what they do best. Second, we host an online virtual community where Capoeiristas worldwide can interact, share their photos and group profiles, and promote their upcoming events.

Our Standard

At VirtualCapoeira.com we follow the admonition of Google: Don't Be Evil. We believe that integrity is the best formula for doing business. We seek out and purchase only the best instruments and Capoeira apparel from manufacturers in Brazil.We also believe that our customers have a right to the highest quality Capoeira clothing, instruments, and accessories, handmade by the experts. We search for and employ only the best merchants and manufacturers who take as much pride in their work as we do in our name. VirtualCapoeira.com is a symbol of quality and excellence, and we wish you much axé in your pursuit of the same.

Company History

Virtual Capoeira LLC was established in 2005, and has set the industry standard as the only commercial internet site offering Capoeira goods and gear available for retail, and wholesale worldwide. As dedicated Capoeiristas, we love the game of Capoeira and, okay, we'll admit it, we've pretty much given up hope of doing anything but Capoeira for the rest of our lives. We believe Capoeira has something to offer everyone and want to facilitate Capoeira's growth and popularity throughout the world.


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