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Made specifically for Capoeira, our atabaques are hand cut and pieced together by professionals in Brazil and each one is examined by a capoeira Mestre before it is shipped. Each atabaque is about 46 inches tall in it's stand, (37” alone) and is reinforced from the interior by iron rims to maintain the integrity of the shape and acoustic isolation. A pretreated leather drum head and is pulled tight by natural rope secured to rims at the top and base of the drum. The playable surface of the head is 10 inches in diameter. The full head is 13.5 inches wide. Tuning the atabaque is as simple as hammering down evenly on the wedges (hammer every other one when tuning), increasing the tension to produce a crisp and defined sound.

Flat-Rate Shipping on Full Sized Atabaques

To minimize shipping costs, atabaques are shipped directly from Brazil and shipping costs are built into the product price based on region. Select your region when adding to cart. Please plan on 4-6 weeks for delivery