Varnished Cabaça/Gourd

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Cracked cabaças leave you with extra vergas? Don’t let them go to waste—choose from gunga, médio, and viola varnished cabaças to re-mix and marry with your verga collection. Like most Capoeiristas know, not every cabaça and verga can be thrown together to make a great berimbau, so we cannot guarantee that the cabaça(s) you receive will complement your verga(s) in size or sound. Berimbau cabaças cannot be returned or exchanged. That said, we also know how hard it is to keep quality cabaças in one piece. If you have extra vergas that can be mixed and matched to produce a good result, then an extra cabaça or two is just what you need. Our selection of cabaças come from our same line of full-size, varnished berimbaus.