Varnished Berimbau

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Our basic, varnished model made from premium biriba wood straight from the banks of Bahia. Biriba wood possesses a few characteristics that make it ideal for building berimbaus: strength and flexibility with resistence. This unique combination give it the ability to be bent and strung with enough resistence to keep the wire taut and produce a full, solid sound. All berimbaus are shipped pre-married and complete with an arame, baqueta, caixixi, stone dobrão, and matching cabaça. They are shipped in two boxes and can arrive a day or two apart.

 It is not uncommon for berimbaus to have thin cracks running vertically along the verga. Biriba (the wood used to make berimbaus) can crack during production, but these cracks do not affect the strength or sound of the instrument.Please click here to see our care and use instructions.

Virtual Capoeira’s berimbau shipping policy provides you further assurance that your berimbau is in good working condition. requires that each berimbau be strung and matched to a cabaça immediately before shipping. This is done both to ensure that the berimbau is strong and in working condition as well as to match the verga with a suitable cabaça that together will make a great berimbau. The process of testing vergas and cabaças together is called “marrying a berimbau” and this is done after your order is placed. This is part of our standard quality control to ensure that our customers receive great berimbaus with excellent sound.